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Annual Umpires Dinner - 80th Aniversary!


Keep Friday 15th April Free for the Umpires Annual Dinner -  We are Celebrating!

National Championship Appointments


Congratulations to the following umpires on their appointments to the 2016 National Championships.



Brett to Umpire at WBC Qualifiers in Sydney

We have just had some very good news in relation to Brett Robson.


You may recall that Brett was overlooked by the organisers of the WBC Qualifiers in Sydney as they did not think it appropriate to have any “home team umpires”. This despite Brett’s obvious credentials. Brett was clearly very disappointed by this decision but true to form, he asked if he could join the group in Sydney to “help out the umpires, showing them around etc. Agreed by the organisers.


Having completed the ABL Championships, Brett was coming home for a couple of days before heading into Sydney.


During the weekend he was told that one of the Asian umpires coming to Sydney could not get a visa. Brett has been called up as an umpires and will get to show his worth when he plates the game between New Zealand and South Africa on day one. Now he will be heading straight to Sydney to get himself organised for the event.


This is awesome news for Brett and just rewards for his continued hard work and persistence.

Umpire Appreciation Night 2016

Umpires head to Singapore for Hit Factory Tournament


Dan Morgan, Lou Bonomi and Gary Arnell as they head to Singapore for the Hit Factory Tournament


Little League Award on Umpire Appreciation Night

Jon Byrne presenting the Little League awards on Umpire Appreciation night


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